Russia's military losses in the Ukraine war

As of , Russia has lost:

(Deltas are relative to the previous datapoints)



  1. All data is automatically sourced from @KyivIndependent Twitter daily reports. Their source is from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I chose not to source the data directly from the primary source is because the OCR does not work with their images.
  2. Troops are approximate values.
  3. "Cars" are renamed to "Vehicles". "Drones" are renamed to "UAV". "Ships/patrol boats" and "Boats" are renamed to "Boats / Cutters". "BUK" and "Grad systems" are summed as "MLRS". "Vehicles" and "Fuel tanks" are summed as "Vehicles And Fuel Tanks". Earlier data used the former units but latest data uses the latter units.
  4. Boats is missing from the image on 2022-02-28.
  5. Special equipment was shown as only 2 from the image on 2022-03-26 (decreased from 18) but I corrected it to 19 according to the 2022-03-26 source from @GeneralStaffUA.
  6. Vehicles was shown as 1796 from the image on 2022-05-01 but I corrected it to be Vehicles And Fuel Tanks according to the 2022-05-01 source from @GeneralStaffUA.
  7. Mobile SRBM Systems stopped getting reported since 2022-05-01.
  8. For a detailed view of the weapons losses, there is a team that tracks them based on online images and videos at Oryx. Actual numbers are likely higher than their counts since they only track weapons with photo/video evidences.

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This is just a pet project inspired by the leadership of President Zelenskyy and the absolute resilience (and balls of steel!) of the Ukrainian people. I hope this goes to show how terrible the Russian army is.

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